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How to install TONCLI on Windows, Linux, Mac

If you want to test TON blockchain smart contracts, you’ll require TONCLI to deploy and interact with them. The installation procedure is pretty simple. As a result, I only mention the project and installation guide links.   TONCLI project on Github Installation guide If you have any questions about installation feel free to ask.

The new sound of Silence

Thanks to MohamadReza Shabanali, I get to know Erling Kagge’s Silence book. The full name is “Silence: In the Age of Noise.” Now I’m reading this perfect book and not finished yet. But as the title said, the book is about silence. Erling Kagge says that we need to listen to silence. Of course, hearing […]

Are Smart Contracts the future?

When we talk about block-chain, especially cryptocurrency’s and how they changed the world, I think there is a bold subject that needs more attention. SMART CONTRACTS for those who are not familiar with this sentence, smart contracts are real smart contracts! they are peace of code that runs on the blockchain network and run defined […]


Is SEO dying or Transforming?

Years ago, when I started my job as an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Manager, It was easy to talk about SEO. The parameters were clear, The techniques were defined, and there was a checklist to do SEO! I’m talking about how many words your content should have, how many times a word is repeated in […]