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a trip to Lazoor village

If you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy nature, learn about flora, and feel a sense of connection to the outside world, Lazoor Village is the ideal location.

During this trip, I learned about a new and beautiful ecosystem and connected with other travelers, which makes me feel more connected to the rest of the world, all thanks to Mahsa Otaredi, who organized a journey to this wonderful village.

Our brains, or more specifically, our neural wiring, require cooperation with one another, and this occurred frequently during this trip.

Even though I’m not very good at botany, I learned that there is a wide variety of plants, including angelica, oregano, lavender, thyme, and many others.


There is a growing amount of evidence that spending time in nature benefits both our physical and emotional wellbeing. We are increasingly missing nature, especially in our contemporary existence. But let’s remember:

Maybe we got out of nature, but nature never got out of us.


Being in nature taught me that the natural world can occasionally be wild. And the reason for this isn’t that nature is awful; rather, it’s because we are inconsequential in light of how magnificent nature is.

While my ankle is currently in the latter stages of recovery, We had two sprained ankles. And Mahsa’s ankle was where it all began.

I think this is the unquestionable cost of being in nature. When things like that happen for me, after visiting the doctor, I learned to trust my body, and give it time to recover itself.

I’m hoping they’ll heal quickly so they can resume their normal activities and continue the journey.

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