Content or Container?

In the past years, we faced a lot of content in many containers. When I say containers, I mean Weblog, Website, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Also, there are lots of tutorials on how to speak, make new content, optimize content for the desired containers, be good in front of the video, write SEO-friendly content, and …

But today, we see a new trend. This Trend focused on the real content. What did I mean by real content?

The core of the content. As we move forward, we see lots of videos without perfect environments, speakers without perfect clothes, and normal living conditions.

The main focus is the core of the content. What are you going to say?

It doesn’t matter that you are comfortable making videos for Instagram, making text for blogs, or recording podcasts. What are you going to say?

In the Content Shock age, it’s tough to have new words. So many prefer to ignore it. But the world doesn’t matter what we prefer. It’s always changing. And old-way thinkers are leaving the game. So let’s have new words and publish them in any way we are comfortable.

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