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First look into Wanchain, a powerful bridge!

Recently I’ve been researching privacy Coins. And accidentally, I exposure to Wanchain. With a quick search, I found out there is a future between Cardano and Wanchain that I will explain more in the future. You may guess, as a fan of Cardano, I am happy!

What is Wanchain?

Wanchain is a project that wants to make direct bridges between blockchains. Many famous networks are already connected, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot, Avalanche, etc.

The lack of my favorite coins felt here. I mean Cardano. But wait! as I said, there is good news about Cardano!

Wanchain is trying to connect Cardano too.

You can imagine writing smart contracts with solidity, and using Cardano there! Yes, It’s existing!

Wallets, Staking, Dapps

There are many options for wallets that you can find on the official website. But as a fan of cold wallets, in my case Ledger, I found out the best option is Wan Wallet. It has Windows, Linux, and Mac versions. And also support hardware wallets. It also has the capability to stake and also connect to dapps inside the wallet software.

I want to hold some Wanchain for a long time, So decided to stake them. There are two options for staking, Galaxy PoS and Storeman.

I asked about their security and also the differences between the two options in the Wanchain Telegram group, and core ambassador ‘vincent’ helped me a lot.

Here is some useful links to read more about Wanchain:

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