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Importing Ledger Accounts from Eternl to Nami

If you are a fan of Cardano, you may already know both Eternl and Nami wallets.

From my experience, after using the eternl wallet, it’s hard to think about any replacement. Aside from a perfect wallet, their support is excellent too.

Yesterday to get wl from Terra Virtu, I need a Nami wallet. I PREFERRED TO USE MY CURRENT WALLET because I didn’t like to have many wallets.

So I connected my ledger to Nami, and yes! The balance was zero!

So I asked for support from both wallets, and eternl’s given me some good insights.

I find out Nami wallet can’t read multi addresses of an account. So all I needed to do was enable Single Address Mode in eternl and send the whole balance to a single address. Then also enable the “send all” button.


Then go to send tab, Send to account, Send All, Sign, and finished!

After a little time, all ADAs will be transferred to a single address. You can import it on Nami.

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