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Is SEO dying or Transforming?

Years ago, when I started my job as an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Manager, It was easy to talk about SEO. The parameters were clear, The techniques were defined, and there was a checklist to do SEO!

I’m talking about how many words your content should have, how many times a word is repeated in a paragraph, how many keywords your post has, etc.

But what we should see is the fact that SEO has been changing drastically over the years.

Search engines (Google!) have been updating algorithms drastically and become smarter every second.

The amount of data is growing every second. And now we have better tools and better data for analysis.

So If you ask me, is SEO dying? The short answer is Yes! The old SEO has died completely. And the meaning of Optimization transformed completely. So It’s Time to change our minds and ways to become alive! In the future, I will talk about the new SEO.