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Learn Near development in (L)Earner Club!

Recently I started to explore Near protocol. And one of the first things I’m interested about a blockchain is the smart contract development environment.

So I started to search about the smart contract development on Near and find out a very helpful place! (L)earn Near Club

You do some easy things and earn their reward called nLEARN. nLEARNs are not tradable tokens, they can just be used on the Learner Club website. After collecting some amount of nLEARN, you can spend them on useful things like enrolling in Development Courses.

For example NEAR Certified Developer is requiring 16 nLEARN and I its very easy to collect this amount!

The Good news is you earn again nLEARN while learning the course and get ready for the next one!

Also, to support them, I bought their NFT!

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