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The new sound of Silence

Thanks to MohamadReza Shabanali, I get to know Erling Kagge’s Silence book. The full name is “Silence: In the Age of Noise.”

Now I’m reading this perfect book and not finished yet. But as the title said, the book is about silence. Erling Kagge says that we need to listen to silence. Of course, hearing that is not easy as it seems. But today, I started that practice. While I’m walking in the park, the airflow began to blow. And I stood for a while and began to listen to silence. In my case, the air flowing sound. While listening to airflow, I also heard bird music. I’m not mean silence has a lot of sound in it (maybe it has). What I’m figured out was the beautiful things can happen while I turn off controlled sounds and begin listening to silence. I think I just experienced It slightly in new minutes. As Erling said, it will take time to learn it.