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What is Vanity Metrics?

These days we accepted how data is important. we created data-driven businesses. but let’s talk about some kind of data.

How many employees does your company have? How many calls do you have in a day? How many followers we have?

As you may know, I’m talking about metrics that help us to feel better but in fact, they are not going to affect our actions. They called Vanity Metrics.

We think as Vanity metrics growth, it can result to sales growth.

For example, if your website has 500 visitors per day, if it increased to 1000 it means your sales increased 100%? of course no. Yes, we can calculate the correlation between visitors and sales but it’s not a management metric.

But why we tendency to these metrics?

One of the famous reasons is how people think and talk about us.

Most times we think:

If we say our company has 1000 employes is better 10 one.

As our followers increased in social media, we are more better people.

But there is another reason:

we can calculate theme easily and judge more easy.

Of course, it’s easier to find visitors count instead of how many users recommend your blog to their friends.

but whats opposite of Vanity Metrics? yes its Actionable Metrics.

The metrics drive us to action. ended to gain. Increasing directly our revenue.

In feature I will talk about them more.

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