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When Blockchain and AI come together

One of my favorite books is The Future of Almost Everything. In this book Patrick Dixon talk about the Megatrends and how they should create the future. One of the things that Patrick talks a lot about it is smartness. He believes that everything in the future world should be intelligent, and this is where Artificial Intelligence is rising. AI is going to change almost everything.

And what will happen when we combine two megatrends? Universalizing and AI.

First, I wanted not to mention the specific Blockchain and Token name. But in the end, I believe It’s better to talk about our thoughts even if they may be wrong, and even later, I conclude it was wrong.

My favorite blockchain in Cardano, and one of my favorite projects, that is about what I talked about in the past paragraph, is SingularityNet and its token AGIX.

They work on the combination of AI and blockchain. They develop platforms and also have an AI marketplace.

I don’t know how the project will go, but I’m interested in them and will follow them.

Also, as a fan of Cardano, I want to mention what recently they switched from Ethereum to Cardano. Their staking platform is still on Ethereum, but they said they would change it to Cardano in the following months.

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