Espresso or French Press? Is It Matter?

These days I feel I just need to spend my days without any serious plan.

I need something to play with. so what better than coffee?

Some time in the past one of my followings says a cup of coffee can be the most important thing in your day! why? because it makes your day.

Now I believe in that words. after a while I started to love the coffee I drink.

First started with French Press. Just bought a french press and a pack of french coffee. It was easy to made french coffee. just need bowling water, french press, french coffee, and about 10 minute time.

I feed good when I set timer for Brewing coffee. It needs 4 Minute!

After a while playing with french press I thought Its time for espresso!

So after a little search I found I need a thing called Moka Pot.

So I bought a Mika Pot and apack of espresso coffee. Then searched youtube for learning how to use It. the result was wunderfull! Not good as cafe but I learned how to make espresso.

Now after days I feel during these time my brain was resting with playing.

This is the point. Now I have a subject for leaving internet, pc, mobile and give brain time to rest and save energy.